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Great Package is located in Guangzhou, China. Established in 2010. As the company name suggests, Great Package offers great, innovative, trendy and elegant designs in Jewelry package and guarantees exceptional trust, value and quality in our products to customers. As a professional supplier, we provide a wide range of wooden box, leather boxes, paper boxes and displays. We also supplies boxes for a variety of other use function such as coins, pen and watches, etc. It was well value custom designs from customers.

Our objective is to provide the reliable products with finest materials, excellent workmanship, quality services and most competitive prices have satisfied customers all over the world. We emphasize to continuously keep our aggresive marketing strategy and strive to upgrade for the increasingly intensive competition and challenges in the business field.

We have given existing customers in Asia, Europe, US, Australia and Middle East a much closer relationship and provideing it customer with high quality product and first -class service.